Prezes i Dyrektor Teatru Arka Renata Jasińska

Ship of fools


Ship of fools

Ship of fools Ship of fools Ship of fools Ship of fools Ship of fools Ship of fools Ship of fools

“Ship of Fools” is a ship full of crew representing different social classes, different ethical attitudes and personality models, traveling in search of happiness. The crew, which nobody wants. The fools, madmen, “dregs of society”, “second-class citizens” – excluded beyond the pale. Those who found themselves outside of the mainstream of social life.

The motif of the unwanted lunatics is also used by director of the spectacle, Renata Jasińska. The "Ship of Fools" is centered around two personal experiences from her childhood that forever changed her way of looking at the world. The director of the spectacle is inspired by the work of Tadeusz Kantor and aesthetics and view of the world that offer Hieronymus Bosch and Albrecht Dürer. Renata Jasińska adds to it folk religion and rituals of the Polish countryside 50s the last century. 

Direction – Renata Jasińska

Scenario: Renata Jasińska, Jarosława Makus, Krystyna Miłobędzka, Zofia Warzyńska-Bartczak and the Gospel of Mary Magdalene

Choreography – Bożena Klimczak

Scenography – Sylwia Wierzbowska

Costume design – Tatiana Boduch

Costume maker – Ewa Jobko

Puppets  – Marianna Mikołajek

Music – Maciej Sibilski, Jacek Zamecki

Voice consultation – Ewa Głowacka


Gelsomina I – Agata Obłąkowska-Woubishet

Gelsomina II – Joanna Gierdal

Gelsomina III / The Duffer – Anna Rzempołuch

The First – Alexandre Marquezy/Tomasz Żytka

The Second – Jan Kot

The Spoils-Games – Beata Lech-Kubańska

Humpbacked Prophet – Maciej Sibilski

The Spastic – Alicja Idasiak

The Loser  – Andrzej Kusiak

The Bumpkin – Marek Trociński