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March' 68 - The song of songs


March' 68 - The song of songs

March' 68 - The song of songs March' 68 - The song of songs March' 68 - The song of songs March' 68 - The song of songs March' 68 - The song of songs March' 68 - The song of songs March' 68 - The song of songs

According to its mission, Ark Theatre is in a dialogue with history. The spectacle “March'68 – Song of Songs” recalls the important events of the not too distant Polish history. The removal by censors submit “Dziady” ("Forefathers") by Adam Mickiewicz at the National Theatre has become the catalyst for students uprising. Those events took place not only in Warsaw, but also in Lodz, Krakow, Poznan, Wroclaw... As a result, the authorities not only have destroyed the student movement but also have unleashed an anti-Semitic propaganda campaign. “The Highest Officials” began to push the idea of “Zionist conspiracy” directed against Poland and the “socialist camp” in Central and Eastern Europe. The suspects were fired from work, harassed and pressured to leave Poland. As a result of these activities approximately  15,000 of people have been forced to immigration.

We try to resurrect that world at the scene, using a symbolic decoration. Scarce torch light evokes the atmosphere of suspicion and fear. Interlacing seriousness and drama of those events mixed with burlesque and parody is a key to show the history of this part of Europe.

We are talking about the March events in contemporary language, to allow ourselves for reflection. What is the sense of the romantic monologue by Conrad today? How do we perceive the characters of politicians who were the main directors of propaganda? Do we know how easily one can be manipulated and how painful are the consequences of it? And finally –  do we aware of our past? Do we realize that without the past the present does not exist?

We hope that the spectacle will deliver the viewers the need of answer those questions.

Scenario (inspired by Emily Dickinson, Jerzy Eisler, Krystyna Miłobędzka, Adam Mickiewicz – „Dziady”) – Jarosława Makus & Maciej Sosnowski

Direction – Renata Jasińska

Assistant director – Tomasz Żytka

Stage designer – Max Archimedes Levitt (USA)

Costumes – Megan Mongird (USA)

Costumes done by – Ewa Jobko

Choreography – Agata Obłąkowska-Woubishet

Vocal preparation – Ewa Głowacka i Sylwester Różycki

Music – Jacek Zamecki


Agnieszka Frankel

Beata Lech-Kubańska

Alicja Pietruszka

Alexandre Marquezy (Francja)

Michał Przybysz

Maciej Sosnowski

Tomasz Żytka


Alicja Idasiak

Anna Rzempołuch

Teresa Trudzik

Jan Kot

Marek Trociński