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Games with Macbeth


Games with Macbeth

Games with Macbeth Games with Macbeth Games with Macbeth Games with Macbeth Games with Macbeth Games with Macbeth

The spectacle “Games with Macbeth” is a theatrical adaptation of one of the most famous play by William Shakespeare – “Macbeth”. The tragedy written over four hundred years ago is a bloody history of lust for power and crime as well as the illustration of complicated interpersonal relationships – there are as well love and desire as jealousy – has not lost on its news. Though the story takes place in medieval Scotland, the events may well have occurred in modern Russia or America.
Spectacle is thoroughly modern though passion of heroes and their intrigues still remain in Scotland and England in XI century. However, both because of the brilliant the use of the archetype, as well as a bridge that was built between the past and the present – the performance are absolutely actual. Timeless is underscored by original patterns of characters and events, as well as by the formal procedures proposed by director, involving the breaking of historical continuity and breaking the conventions of traditional stage.
Some of the scenes, for example – the scene of the ball – are interrupted by getting the heroes out of contractual time of drama and their penetration into our world. Renata Jasińska has invited the viewers to participate in a unique game that combines the worlds of two sides of the stage, the past and the present, convention and reality, she presents the story both “with a grain of salt” and seriously. Everything is conventional, everything is a game, or how one hundred years ago, Luigi Pirandello said by the title of his drama: “So It Is” (“If You Think So”).
Alternatively, this remarkable artistic event could be described by Shakespeare's own words: “All the world's a stage, //And all the men and women merely players: // They have their exits and their entrances”.
Creators of the spectacle invite the viewers to answer the age-old question: who they are, what roles they had to play, and if they still want to be in that show, or whether it had been properly occupies the role envisaged for them. You have to remember to make it before the end of the ball, till the final curtain of life will fall down...

Staging, direction and scenario – Renata Jasińska

Assistant director – Michał Przybysz

Stage designer – Elżbieta Roszczak

Costumes’ design – Ewa Jobko

Costumes done by – Ewa Jobko

Music – Jacek Zamecki


Sylwester Różycki – Macbeth

Agata Obłąkowska-Woubishet – Lady Macbeth

Alexandre Marquezy – Duncan, King of Scotland

Maciej Sosnowski – Doctor

Alicja Pietruszka – Witch

Alicja Idasiak – Witch

Teresa Trudzik – Witch

Anna Rzempołuch – Witch

Andrzej Kusiak – Murderer

Tomasz Żytka – Murderer

Dariusz Bajorczyk – Murderer

Marek Trociński – Witch

Beata Lech-Kubańska – Hecate, queen of the witches

Michał Przybysz – Banquo

Jan Kot – Gatekeeper