Prezes i Dyrektor Teatru Arka Renata Jasińska

Quiet your heart


Quiet your heart

Quiet your heart Quiet your heart Quiet your heart Quiet your heart

Days of human civilization have just come to the end. Few survivors fight for survival each and every day, gradually losing themselves. This is a picture of the world after the total annihilation.

The authors use the theme of apocalypse to confront the audience with fundamental questions concerning human identity. What is humanity? How easy to lose them? What is the impact of the culture on the survival of the human species? What is the role of culture in modern days?

The viewer can see in the spectacle the whole spectrum of human beings and social attitudes – from the man full of empathy who is able to create beautiful art to a primitive predator ready to kill the neighbor to satisfy hunger.

The show has been designed on the basis of contrasts. Nostalgic songs by Agnieszka Osiecka and deep thoughts of Father Jan Twardowski have been combined with scenes of brutal struggle for the last cockroach that you can eat. Beauty is in contact with ugliness, spirituality with literalism, altruism with extreme selfishness. Life. Is it the picture of the world the only after the apocalypse?

Nostalgic memories of the lost beauty contiguous with the inevitable collapse of dignity and moral boundaries. This unusual mixture of grotesque and horrible science fiction vision shocks, showing the heterogeneity of human nature. The performance undermines socially sanctified image of civilized man, prompting the viewer to reinterpret the own human identity.


Direction Renata Jasińska

Scenario Maciej Sosnowski

Musical arrangement  – Jacek Zamecki

Musical preparation   Sylwester Różycki


Agata Obłąkowska-Woubishet

Agnieszka Damrych

Sylwester Różycki

Alexandre Marquezy

Michał Przybysz

Maciej Sosnowski

Teresa Trudzik

Anna Rzempołuch

Alicja Idasiak

Andrzej Kusiak

Dariusz Bajorczyk

Guest actor:

Magdalena Zawartko