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About us

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Ark Theatre was founded in Wroclaw and anywhere else would have existed because only Wroclaw (a city without barriers, the four denomination district, meeting place of cultures and traditions, brings to the life extraordinary and unusual phenomenon, gives artists a chance to develop.

Ark Theatre was founded in 2004, is the antithesis for institutional theaters, in which there is the phenomenon of "the normality of otherness". Here meet two opposing artistic imaginations - one, having connotations of a naive art, which creators are the ones that society unjustly call disabled, and the second is an art make "professionally" by educated artists. In The Ark Theatre professionals in a certain sense began to learn from non-professionals, and the others from professional artists. There is a fascination with acting "uncontaminated by the intellect", coming simply from the soul, not blunted by theater academies and institutional theaters.

Contemporary artists firstly think then create. Actors "differently abled" create on impulse, their art speaks the truth - their truth, which is characterized by extremely subjective point of view, simple techniques and very often a huge attachment to a detail. They often refer to the magic and symbolic world.

The connection of two contrasting dimensions, into the one content, to achieve higher expression of Ark Theatre, is a very interesting example of exploration and experimentation in the art of acting, theater and the art of living.

Theatre employs 30 people, including 13 people "able-bodied differently" as an actors, technicians and administration staff. There is also another 20 people who cooperate with us. The Ark Theatre is a repertory theater, which is played monthly about 10 performances. Ark Theatre is the community of people. Actors are qualified graduates of theatre academies from Poland, England, France and people with disabilities who learned the acting from the Theatre Ark founders, as well as from his colleagues, friends - instructors from the theater. We maintain close contacts with specialists from other disciplines such as psychology, vocal,
 movement, dance, cultural anthropology, etc..

Ark Theatre has won many prestigious awards: The European Citizen Prize and Award of the Wroclaw City. Theatre Director – Renata Jasinska in 2013 received The Golden Honour Award - Meritorious for The Lower Silesia. Ark Theatre twice hosted on the International Theatre Festival in Edinburgh FRINGE - the largest theater stage in the world - and received there very good reviews.