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Gospel Gospel Gospel Gospel Gospel Gospel
"Language, best and worst things." Aesop

Gospel "Gospel" was created during a difficult time for the Ark Theatre group. During this first premiere it could feel that it was an important and touching experience for actors and creators.

Dorota Wierzbicka - Theater Diary


Is man a being who will and has always been seeking answers to the meaning of life?

Do you have to feel lost because our dearest loved ones have disappeared?  Or are the ones who no longer can see us to find the answer?

Director- Renata Jasińska tries to convey elements that can be helpful in finding an independent answer to those questions. But there are no ready-made solutions. An act Gospel is inspired by the texts of the Gospel of St. Jan and the Apocrypha of Maria Magdalena.

In the performance, Arka Theater wants, move the viewer to another reality, where time does not matter. In this new space you can discover blind people without light, characters alien, frightened, weak but also unknown forces that are with us all the time, even if we are not aware of it. The performance is based on the life story of Maria Magdalena. But the creators of the spectacle do not focus on historical facts. The figure of Magdalena is only a pretext to show an unhappy man who, having lost everything that is most important to him, through pain and will strives to learn absolute truths.

The people she met reached their ultimate despair and attempt to fight for their own conscious. They fight for spiritual asceticism, which alone is the right way to a happy and perfect life.

Magdalena story is uncerten.  Have many unknowns. Who was she? How was her life? We don't know. We meet her at a breakthrough in her life- a moment when, going to Jesus' grave. She did'nt find him. Instead of the Master there was only avoid. Then on his way she meets an Old Man who lost everything - a person closest to him. They both do not know how to find themselves in a new reality. A new lonely world ...  if it is really so.  Do the heroes have to take a step forward and try to understand who they really are and what their path is? This performance puts the characters, which make the viewers difficult, but up-to-date, troubling people and their spirituality both two thousand years ago and now.

Life is always ready to give us a surprise,with  is the essence of our life.

If you sometimes ask yourself: Why the world is like that? Take a moment for yourself to be able to look at life differently.

A performance dedicated to the memory of Renata Jasińska- creator and for many years artistic director of Ark Theatre.


Screenplay and text for songs: Renata Jasińska, Zofia Warzyńska-Janowicz, Alexandre Marquezy

Direction and choreography: Agata Obłąkowska, Alexandre Marquezy

Music: BPax



Maria Magdalena: Agata Obłąkowska

Old man: Alexandre Marquezy

Jecira: Maciej Mazurkiewicz

Dorota: Alicja Idasiak

Anna: Anna Rzempoluch

Jacek: Marek Trociński

Piotr: Jan Kot

Eliasz: Radosław Wojtas

A man with a lamp: Andrzej Kusiak

Wife: Beata Lech-Kubańska