Prezes i Dyrektor Teatru Arka Renata Jasińska

Once again in Edinburgh


Once again in Edinburgh

Ark Theatre returns to Edinburgh with a ship traveling in search of happiness.This year we invite you to watch the story that has caused quite a stir in Poland. Some reviewers and critics have even claimed they were "shot by the performance”, illustrating in this way its deep, sometimes even drastic way of presenting reality.

We recognize that issues presented in the "Ship of Fools" can cause extreme emotions in audience. In addition, the presentation of everyday life may be a message difficult to accept, but still true. Yet we believe in the spirit of Edinburgh – the world’s capital of theatre, the meeting place of artistic ideas from all over the world. It is only here that the most incredible visions are being focused, like in a lens, and represent the process of social existence.

The element that actors add to these visions is specific; like our theatre is. We combine two areas that still seem not to be compatible in Poland. Professional actors perform on the same stage with disabled ones. These two kinds of spirituality, perception and mental activity combine into one entity - Ark Theatre from Wroclaw in Poland.

We kindly invite you to the "Ship of Fools", which is easy to embark, but probably unachievable to disembark.