Prezes i Dyrektor Teatru Arka Renata Jasińska


Lamberto Ganninni also took part in The International Conference “The European Integration Forum for Integration and Activation of People with Disabilities”, organized by Association of Friends of the Ark Theatre and the Ark Theatre, on 3th December 2013. Giannini has shared with the audience his artistic and therapeutic ideas, he also told about relationship between Company Mayor Von Frinzius and the thought of Pasolini. The important role of theater in public discourse was underlined by a major European award for overcoming barriers with the theatrical language .

The meeting was a moment of stimulus and comparison with numerous theatre companies that have found themselves in Wroclaw, future European Capital of Culture, intrigued by the method Mayor. A great interest of the audience arose by screening of the video of Gianni Naitana “What is the face of Mayor Von Frinzius?”.