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Oscar and the Lady in Pink


Oscar and the Lady in Pink

Oscar and the Lady in Pink Oscar and the Lady in Pink Oscar and the Lady in Pink Oscar and the Lady in Pink Oscar and the Lady in Pink Oscar and the Lady in Pink

Even adult humans it is difficult to come to terms with death, it's natural. Even more difficult to accept the situation when it concerns small, barely ten years old boy, who suffers from leukemia. Someone who is healthy does not pay attention to the passage of time - it is normal. Everything changes when a terminally ill is the young man. Then time a carefree boy or girl turns into a philosopher.

One of the most widely read novels of recent years – “Oscar and the Lady in Pink” by Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt has been adapted for the stage by Dariusz Taraszkiewicz, who also directed the spectacle.

The performance, like the book, does not talk about death. It's about life. It shows the triumph of the will to survive and the joy of existence. It’s the win over the vacuum, emptiness, pain and non-existence. It is a conversation with myself, with God, with all the real and the unreal world – in order to convince yourself that death does not exist, and the very fact of being here and now gives each of us (sick or healthy) a unique opportunity to taste every day, every minute. Lady in Pink, a mysterious friend of Oscar (perhaps from another dimension?) convinces the boy that time is relative: one year can mean your whole life (some species of butterflies live only one day, and they are able to use it fully).

Lady in Pink visits Oscar every day and she tells him strange tales of legendary women wrestlers what helps Oscar put up with the coming of death. She also invents a task for him. The boy is to live each new day as if it was 10 years. Every day he has to write a letter to God and describe his thoughts and life experiences.

It's a beautiful, touching story that makes that even strong men are no longer ashamed of the tears. This performance concerns each of us – less about dying, more of the joy and love. It is worth seeing “Oscar and Lady in Pink” at the “Ark” Theatre to sensitize the soul.


Written and directed by – Dariusz Taraszkiewicz


Lady in Pink – Renata Jasińska

Oscar – Michał Przybysz

Oscar (French version) – Alexandre Marquezy

Peggy Blue – Agata Obłąkowska-Woubishet

Bacon – Sylwester Różycki

Brigitte – Alicja Idasiak/Teresa Trudzik