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Agata Obłąkowska-Woubishet


Agata Obłąkowska-Woubishet

Agata Obłąkowska-Woubishet Agata Obłąkowska-Woubishet Agata Obłąkowska-Woubishet


  Born August 31, 1983, Warsaw.

  In 2010, received title of Master of Fine Arts in Acting in the National Theatre School of Ludwnik Solski in Cracow, with the department in Wroclaw (specialization pantomime and movement) and in 2005 received the title of "dramatic actor" after graduating  acting school of  Halina and Jan Machulski at the Polish Center of ASSITEJ in Warsaw. She received the Małgorzata Napiórkowska Prize for the best student of the Acting Department in Wroclaw in 2009.

  She participated in the 30th PPA Jubilee Gala entitled "The Glass Bead Game" and the ceremony of the European Theatre Prize presentation  - Premio Europa per il Teatro. She assisted Eugenia Herman in conducting the workshop "Sceny wierszem" for the second year students of the Halina and Jan Machulski Schoool of Acting at the Polish Center of ASSITEJ in Warsaw, result of  which were several performances including: "The Wedding" by Wyspianski, "Maidens Vows" and "The Revange"  by Fredro "Twelfth Night "and" Midsummer Night's Dream " by Shakespeare.



 She has worked in the Arka Theatre since 2011. She participated in the following performances:

„Edyta Stein. W pośpiechu do nieba” - Edyta Stein (2011)

 „Świątynia, Dybuk – legendy żydowskie  -  Sara (2011)

 „Przygody małego M.” -  Teacher nad Mrs. Girandolle (2011) /and choreography/

 „Nieodwracalne – lekcja historii” -  Ewa Braun (2011)

 „Oskar i pani Róża” -  Peggy Blue (2011)

 „Sen nocy letniej” -  Puk (2011)

 „Bal u Hawkinga” -  Wife and Marylin Monroe (2012) /and choreography/



  2005:„Podmiot liryczny” (Kamila)

  2006: „Pierwsza miłość”

  2008: „Pierwsza miłość” (Nurse)

  2010: „Licencja na wychowanie”

  2011: ,,Pierwsza miłość”


Literature, film, contemporary dance, and snowboarding. She loves to drive. Her passions can be described in one sentence: everything that is related to culture and movement.