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Alexandre Marquezy


Alexandre Marquezy

Alexandre Marquezy Alexandre Marquezy

A native French. He graduated  the Acting Cours Florent (1988) and Costume Design in Paris.

Former intern at the Givenchy fashion house.

The designer of scenery for the play "Dandelion" by Eduard Manet, which recieved a prize at the Gennevilliers Festival in1988.

Lasson Theater actor (Burgundy).

 Major roles:

- Professor of Philosophy in "The Bourgeois Gentleman" by Moliere,

- A young man in "The Marriage of petty bourgeois" ("La Noce Chezles Petits Bourgeois") by Bertolt Brecht,

- Narrator in "Terres Mortes" by Franz Xaver Kroetza

The director of the theater was J.F Tracq. Thanks to the experience he gained Marquezy took up directing. In the Lasson Theater for Children  he directed , "Shah - mat" and "The Prince, who was afraid of the dark."

 The play "The Bourgeois Gentleman" had a successful tour in Morocco and in Germany he presented the "Wedding of petty" (1994).

He came to Poland in 1995.

He organized a photo exhibition at Alliance Francaise in Łódź. It was an interesting special form  - the compositions of the boxes - which was approved by critics, and aroused great interest of visitors. In 1996 he started working at Arka Theatre as an actor and stage designer. By mastering the Polish language got the title role in "The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry ego. Since then he has performed in almost all the plays staged in the Arka Theatre. These were, among others:

 „Wersja wydarzeń” -  Gustaw

 „Cienie” -  Max

 „E.T. - przybysz z kosmosu” - Groszek

 „Dziady. Część II” -  Raven

 „Jak powietrze” -  Tomek

 „Świętoszek” -  Tartuffe (French version)

 „Czarodziejski świat” - Charles Perrault

 „Przygody małego M.” -  Mikołajek

 „Sen nocy letniej” -  Helena, Nurse and Demon

 „Ucisz serce” -  The First One

„Gry z Makbetem” - Król Duncan

 Bravado played the character of Adolf Hitler in a production  “Irreversible”.  You do not see foreigners play their role on stage like that every day.