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Renata Jasińska


Renata Jasińska

Renata Jasińska Renata Jasińska Renata Jasińska

Actress, director and playwright, educator, director of the Arka Theatre.

A graduate of the Cracow Academy of Dramatic Arts, Diploma in 1978.

She began her career on the stage of the Wroclaw Puppet Theatre in 1977-1981. Then, she worked in the C.K. Norwid  Theatre in Jelenia Góra (1981-87), and finally in the E. Wiercinski Modern Theatre in Wrocław (1987-1992).

She has won many prestigious awards:

First prize at the International Theatre Festival in Zagreb (then Yugoslavia, 1978),

Award at the One Actor Theatre Festival in Toruń,

Award  in Children's Art Biennale in Poznan,

Prize of the City of Wrocław (1980)           

During her artistic work at the Theatre in Jelenia Gora, she was noticed due to her significant role of Clara in "Zemsta" by A. Fredro. During this period, she conducted an independent theater, whose achievements have been acknowledged by the Polish community in Australia, which awarded her with a Pol-Cult. In the independent culture she would perform shows existing outside censorship: KSIĘGI NARODU I PRZELGRZYMSTWA POLSKIEGO based on A. Mickiewicz text, and  TESTAMENT OJCA POPIEŁUSZKO. These performances, among other things happening in Warsaw, Poznan, and Wroclaw, have been highly praised by critics and audience. Reviews of these exceptional representations appeared in the journal "Presence" and the famous "Paris Culture".

In 1984-1987 she co-founded - together with Iwona Stankiewicz (now  in the Capitol Theatre, Wrocław  as an actress) and actor Andrzej Nowak, an independent Theater Scena 44, whose productions have been presented in churches throughout the Poland. Due to the political activity, she was stopped by the Security Service and then dismissed from the theatre in Jelenia Góra.

In those days,  Scena 44 was a thriving, independent, underground theater, not only in Jelenia Gora, but also on stages of many churches in the country. In addition, except for Renata Jasińska, people who performed in the theatre were: Iwona Stankiewicz (Capitol Theater), Andrzej Nowak, Ryszard Wegrzyn (Dramatic Theatre in Walbrzych), and Bogdan Michalewski (Teatr na Bruku).  The organization responsible was Solidarność, in the person of: Andrzej Piesiak, Roman Niegosz, Wladyslaw Niegosz, Edward Wryszcz.

Artistic ties with the Wroclaw Contemporary Theatre  resulted in several roles.  Among others, she would perform in “Dunya” and  in the "Crime and Punishment" by Dostoevsky.

Since 1992, as one of the founders, she is continuously tied with the Arka Theatre in Wroclaw.

She runs the theater on her own, successfully combining the role of an actress, director, author of screenplays, and theater director. Being the spiritus movens of the theatre, she  bravely and successfully extends the growing art scene, gathering around herself those who are sensitive, talented and open to creative experimentation in the theater. She herself chooses the students with which she works, with particular care and intuition.

In 2004 Renata Jasińska received a special prize from the Ministry of Culture and Arts for her lifetime artistic work.


Versatile – beginning with theater, literature, music, film and art, the books of popular science, mysticism and secrets of all beliefs. Fascinated by the work and personality of scientist Stephen Hawking (the famous discoverer of black holes in the universe) and Michio Kaku (American theoretical physicist and string theorist) and happily shares acquired knowledge with others. Passionately collects original antique dolls, which she has a large collection of.