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16.04 2014

Study visit of Teatr Arka in Divadlo Kampa, Prague.

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11.04 2014

We can officially confirm that the Ark Theatre will take part at Prague Fringe Festival 2013 with performance "Ball at Hawking's".

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12.01 2014

Lamberto Ganninni, Director of the Association Mayor Von Frinzius also took part in The International Conference “The European Integration Forum for Integration and Activation of People with Disabilities

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27.09 2013

Ball at Hawking’s in Ark Theatre with English subtitles.

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18.08 2013

Polish theatre company Teatr Arka comes to Barking. Straight from Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Polish theatre company Teatr Arka is bringing its tale about Stephen Hawking to Barking.

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  • Statek szaleńców

    Statek szaleńców

    20 Września start 19:00

  • Oskar i pani Róża

    Oskar i pani Róża

    27 Września start 19:00